Are Wii on to something?

July 18, 2008

“It’s neck-and-neck but Nintendo looks to have just slipped past Microsoft in terms of total US sales for current generation game consoles. What’s more, it’s pulling away with a 3:1 sales lead for the month of June. NPD Group reports more than 666,000 Wii consoles were sold in June compared to 405,500 PlayStation 3s and 219,800 Xbox 360s. That makes for a total of 10.9 million Wiis sold in the US since it launched in November of 2006. Impressive. Even more so considering that Microsoft had a one year head-start to reach a second place position of about 10.4 million US console sales.” (Engadget post)

Now I’ve heard loads about how the Nintendo Wii is just a novelty and won’t last… but it’s been a year and half now, more accessories keep coming out, the games haven’t waned and the sale figures are staggering. Okay, the graphics could be better perhaps? But that is besides the point, the aim of the console is to target everybody and it looks like it just might have done that. I don’t think I could go back to a finger-molesting controller for the next-gen console.

Maybe, just maybe… Nintendo has hit the nail on the head and done it right this time? 😉


Take me back a half-century…

July 4, 2008

Argh. I go to watch The Cosby Show (!) on DVD before I fall asleep, but I find out my DVD Players buttons have stopped working altogether which is a great annoyance because now I have to use the remote control.

Now whilst I greatly encourage advances in technology, especially of the wireless variety, the unseen horror here is that I am so excellent at losing things like remote controls or the batteries of remote controls.

Now, if only I could have a line of some kind to trace it to where I left the remote… whatever happened to remote-control on a wire? I think we were definitely on to something…

Whatever happened to 1-2-3-4-rest?

June 7, 2008

I tried beating Grunty earlier.

She kept knocking me off the turrets with her fireballs, and then I ran out of eggs.

When I was lost, autorecovery came and rescued me… da da da da da

June 5, 2008


Just back from the AFI meeting at church tonight. Went well, a few prophecies and that and the message was good from Ps. Sonny Misar, but the reason I’m posting is as follows: I almost lost the audio recording AGAIN. What is it with this flipping cruddy program known as ‘Feltip’s Sound Studio’ that makes it crash when it becomes overloaded with prophecies and all around goodness and interest.

It keeps doing this thing where it tells you it’s saving but its actually not (note: I left it on all night before, no progress). If there’s one thing I hate it’s two-facedness and I just feel Sound Studio, you have stepped over the line. Yeah, to my face you tell me you’re saving but I know that behind the glass you’re just playing solitaire and fondling those temp files like precious gold knowing what I’d do to get them back. Unfortunatley I forgot to define a Temp file location which means, thanks to FeltTips cruddy intuition that if the app happens to crash then it will lose them because OS X (which I’m aware DOESN’T actually have Solitaire pre-packaged) doesn’t have a folder called whatever the heckadee-hah Sound Studio makes up.

Anyway, I’m there listening intently to someone after the meeting when POP, well no POP but that annoying OS X ‘durr’ noise, well actually it wasn’t cos Monitoring headphones were plugged in, the window vanishes and that window saying the program (app) had crashed and wondered if I’d like to Relaunch. Yeah thanks, I’ll just get God to rewind the night, ask Sonny Misar to speak this message he’s had in his heart for 8 years and never spoken before again, ask people to start prophesying again and I’ll re-record… well done.

UGH. Luckily, I did relaunch and the Temp Files came back, for the Left channel anyway, not the right which is the channel I use for the band so that doesn’t really matter since I won’t be editing the worship from tonight anyway.

Anywho, shame on you Sound Studio and goodbye because this has happened too many times. It’s you, it’s not me and I’m going off with Adobe Soundbooth, yeah she’s got a high pricetag but a little old friend called Piratebay can help me with that.


Hey sonny, you have a blogpost

March 22, 2008


I haven’t blogged here in absolutely ages. But I’ve had nothing really to blog about, but hopefully I’ll try harder to blog now since I went through a phase of being bored with the internet (slightly). I am out of it now though which means regular blogging service will continue.

Today is that odd saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. So I ate chocolate eggs for breakfast and now I’m in bed and I haven’t got up yet – oops.

I have lots of CDs to do but I don’t have the CDs to burn to yet, Oh DEAR! I need to get sorted, well actually it’s not my fault.

Went to Poland last week, was pretty great and I really can’t wait to go back again in the summer. I have photos somewhere, link next time.



February 5, 2008

I am alive, I assure you. A post to come shortly… 

Let it snow… Really! Please Lord, let it snow…

December 20, 2007

Well I haven’t made a post in a little while so I thought I’d update!

yeah, it’s almost christmas. I’m not doing anything different this year, just the usual – family, church, food :). It really doesn’t feel like Christmas at all, but I suppose it never does until Christmas Eve, not since Primary School anyway.

Right now, I’m listening to Podcasts whilst cooking, which is my favourite time to listen to podcasts. It’s great :).

As for the title, it’s just a shameless christmassy title. It doesn’t look like it’ll be snowing here anytime soon. It’s getting rather frosty out but no snow, though it’s BITTERLY cold. Oh dear.

Anyway, I’ll post again on Christmas Eve with a very special blogpost on Christmas. Then I’ll be out until the new year. Happy Holidays, until next time! 🙂