Wonka’s a Crook

Willy Wonka, honored worldwide as the King of Candy;  Sovereign of sweet; the Prince of Praline; Forerunner in Fudge and Chief of all things Chocolate can be said, I’m afraid to be no more than a thief.

Maybe he’s not you’re everyday cat-burglar, but let’s examine the evidence…


Wonka announces five tickets, golden, to be released to random locations in the world. The reward for finding one of the five is a one-day trip into his otherwise concealed factory. Clever marketing ploy some of you may agree. Mr Wonka certainly played that card well. But, the deceipt behind such marketing is treachorous.

Why, may you ask? Well, look closer. The first golden ticket is found by Augustus Gloop, who is approached not long after by a shady man who seems to bring with him a dark and evil leitmotif. Soon, the other tickets found, each lucky child all being approached by the same man, who we can only assume is evil thanks to the soundtrack.

We later find out that Wonka knows this man, he is infact an associate, and it was all a ploy to find out which child would genuinely be true to Wonka, to them he would hand the keys to his factory. Okay, nice game Wonka. But how did this man, Arthur Slugworth, know where to go to find all the tickets. 

My argument – Wonka marked up which batch had the golden tickets and sent them out one at a time, sending the subsequent ticket out once one had been found. Wonka tricked thousands of people into buying the chocolate, which was said to have a golden ticket inside. When the tickets were in Wonka’s sticky, caramel-coated hands all along. How else would they know where to send Slugworth to approach the winning child each time, so close to the finding of each ticket.

There ladies and gentlemen you have a case for one of the most diabolical and deceptive marketing in confectionary history. VERDICT Deception


Oh and happy Christmas to you.


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