Take me back a half-century…

Argh. I go to watch The Cosby Show (!) on DVD before I fall asleep, but I find out my DVD Players buttons have stopped working altogether which is a great annoyance because now I have to use the remote control.

Now whilst I greatly encourage advances in technology, especially of the wireless variety, the unseen horror here is that I am so excellent at losing things like remote controls or the batteries of remote controls.

Now, if only I could have a line of some kind to trace it to where I left the remote… whatever happened to remote-control on a wire? I think we were definitely on to something…


2 Responses to Take me back a half-century…

  1. I hate it when I lose something and someone inevitably asks “Where did you see it last?”

    People like that deserve to have their ears ripped off and have them posted, Surface Mail, to Chile!

  2. Jen says:

    I one time had a TV that the power button busted so that if I were to accidentally push it, it would get stuck in. The screen would flash on and off and on and off until I got the guts to get it out with some pliers.

    After weeks of this i finally put tape over it with big sharpie letters saying, “Don’t TOUCH!” Only to discover that I had lost my remote.

    I feel your pain.

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