At last… tis the season

Okay, so today our heater has broken 😦 which means that I am sitting here, freezing surrounded by electric heaters attempting to warm up the house.

It is not a good start to a new month, but at least it is now Christmas Month! I have reason to be excited at last for the holidays =)

What I love about December…

  • Christmas -yep, okay this is an obvious one. But we can celebrate the birth of Christ and what that means for us. I love the stuff in church around Christmas and the different plays etc. but I’m sort of overflowing into another point so I’ll stop on this one.
  • Advent Calendars – okay, maybe I’m just a child really, but with child-like faith comes child-like rituals such as chocolate advent-calendars, counting down the days and having an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you can πŸ™‚
  • Decorating -christmas decorating that is, and whilst I’m growing less fond of sorting out bags and bags of decorations it still holds its place in the list because it’s great how it can feel all christmassy just because of a few weird decorations that you place around. Also, it’s been a year since I accidently left up some tinsel in my room which is still there. Time flies!
  • Plays and stuff – watching christmas plays, acts in church etc. are gooood πŸ™‚

Okay, there are others but I’m growing tired of typing. Also, I have to update the church website, edit recordings and upload them, then make some CDs so I’m off to do them…


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