It doesn’t Kindle any fire…

Ok, so Amazon has just released their new product, Kindle. In theory, with the help of a bit of a geeky imagination, this device could be amazing! Look what the iPod did for Music, a popular industry that was needing something big to take it to the Digital platform.

Books, like Music back in the late 90s and early 2000s, has not yet successfully jumped onto the Digital Platform. There have been a few attempts to bring Books across. There’s the good old eBook of course which is as popular as a Zune at Macworld. There is Google Books which again in theory would be amazing if it wasn’t for the publication companys not being too fond of their books being google-ized. And of course there is the TWiT-supporting (and other similar sites) which produce Audio-Books.

None of these have really managed to convince the paper-back to go electronic, and whilst Amazon may have been on to something here, again I don’t think it’s been a success.First of all the Kindle is too horrific to the eye. It isn’t nice and streamline, it’s not beautiful nor delicious-looking. Secondly, a less-shallow but equally if not more valid point, it doesn’t bring a revolutionary interface.

 This is where iPod hit the mark, the revolutionary interface is what brought it to attention, and then it’s beauty made it an icon. Amazon may be on the right track here, personally I think they are but maybe the iPhone is already ahead in terms of bringing the device to the market, but they have a long way to go. If they can bring out a polished version, big on features and with an amazing interface then they can hit it big.

However, I do believe that this is something Apple should be definitely looking at. They have the device, as I said before – the iPhone or iPod Touch, which has a revolutionary interface even better for books and also is very pretty and shiny. If they could market it well enough and get enough partners on board, they’d be on to a winner. 


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