Back from Barcelona

I am back from Barcelona, I was out there on a small missions-trip since Wednesday.The city itself is big, and I was surprised how big it was. There were lots of different people there, including a lot of tourists. At first, I didn’t know what was going to happen on the trip, but by the end I know that God has planted something in our hearts regarding the people there, regarding the new church-plant there and regarding His will for His future in Europe.I feel that God’s heart longs for the people of Barcelona, but He will win them in His own wisdom and in a way which nobody can see out of human understanding except by the revelation He gives. It was great to meet the church there, it was really encouraging.We also visited the huge market there, which had so much seafood, including live lobsters, that I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see a stall of bananas in all my life. We visited some restaurants, my advice is don’t get San-Remo’d. The language barrier was difficult and I expected there to be a lot more english-speaking due to the high amount of tourism, but we got by. However there was some confusion, which was to be expected, I got Brigette’d a lot. Also along the higher-populated tourist areas, there are a lot of pickpockets, so make sure you don’t get Don’d!Good.Rich 


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