This Cat can Purr

Yes, I installed Leopard on Friday and I love it. Everything is great and well-worth the £75 (85 – Student Discount) price tag. 

My Lowdown…

  • Time Machine – works really good, interface is funny, need bigger HDD 
  • Stacks – very good, much easier and cleaner. I especially like Apple’s use of it with downloads
  • Coverflow and QuickLook – great, amazing with video files and photos
  • iChat 4 – I haven’t used the Video Effects yet, but I like it so far
  • Spaces – this completely blew me away, I’ve used Virtual Desktops in past and I’ve never liked them. But this is amazing, it has me hooked. I don’t know how I survived without Spaces before. One of the killer features of Leopard
  • Photobooth effects – works ok, need to use it in a better environment
  • Mail 3.0 – I love it, Notes and Todos are great. I like the RSS in Mail though I’d wish a new RSS would put a number on the mail icon like with new messages, maybe it does and I can’t find it.
  • Safari 3.0 – I love WebClip. The rest I’ve used before.
  • Screen Sharing – haven’t tried because Firewall settings messed it up as usual
  • Back to my Mac – will have to try soon

Anyway, that’s my opinion on Leopard’s core features. The minor features are great too, just I won’t list them. Overall, a great upgrade. 


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