iWant an iMac

Well, when the new iMac came out (yes, the new shiny aluminium one), I was excited because now I could get a 20″ iMac for the same price as the old 17″ used to be… alas I was wrong, very wrong.

I don’t know much about Taxes and VAT but I’m sure that isn’t the sole reason of this… but in the UK, the new Low-end 20″ iMac is not the £699 the old low-end white iMac used to be… infact its almost £100 more expensive. That is ridiculous!!!

The Low-end desktop from Apple is £800, that is absolutely ridiculous and whilst it may be worth every penny… I just don’t have that many pennies! Now whilst I wouldn’t go anywhere else to buy a computer, this is annoying since it is advertised that the price of the 20″ iMac has dropped when in fact it has not 😦 

On another note, not too far though, I ordered Leopard today, using Education discount which I’m hoping I won’t get refused for. It says it’ll come a week Monday, but I think it’ll come on the Friday. If not you’ll be seeing a lot of :-(‘s here. 


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