Assalting Me, Assalting You

Well, last night I was eating some boiled egg and soliders, as I love eating boiled egg and soliders, when I realized how bland they were. I found out that the salt-cellar I was using had become ‘broken’ or more accurately, empty… or so I thought.

In anger, I threw the cellar across the room and shouted whilst I went to get some more salt. The cellar remained on my floor until today, where I noticed it… all lonely and forgotten in the corner of my room. I picked it up from the floor and started to play with it, pretending it was a rocket-ship and whathaveyou. I put the salt down before picking it up again to take back downstairs. Much to my dismay, the bottom half the cellar grew bitter about its partner and decided to go its own way. Moments later my floor is covered in salt.

So now I have salt all over my floor, my feet have salt on them and now I have to get the hoover out, lug it up the stairs and clean up. Joyous times! 

Ok… so I haven’t  come up with a good topic to blog about, and this has probably been the highlight of my day so I thought I’d blog about it.


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