You can have your three-day work week we’ll just take the 10 weeks you don’t have…

I applied this morning for a job at a local bank (HSBC) who have been recruiting telesales people. The type of people who I grew to hold a loathsome grudge against despite who they were, what they were selling or if they asked me how I was. But a job is a job. 

What I found ridiculous is that, despite there being part-time jobs available, which I needed, you must first enroll on a 10-week, yes that’s 10 weeks of training… wait for it… Full Time!I don’t know what they don’t understand about the part “I can’t work full-time so I am applying for part-time”, but they seemed unfazed to require 10 full-weeks that you don’t have.

If this was Full-time, fair enough, or if it was a 2 MAYBE 3 week training course, then OK, but 10 weeks? If I had 10 weeks to spare I’d be going Full-time and if I was going Full-time I certainly wouldn’t work as a Telesales person.

What I also found weird, as a sidenote, is the application form asked for sexuality and your history of marital status… I didn’t think they could ask you that… ? 


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