Why kids should Scratch and Friends in the Marketplace

I found today, as many probably did, the new program Scratch. It’s a really easy and simple approach to putting together some sort of interactive video (much like Flash) which is aimed at young children. I think it’s really good that things like this are being made because it does ignite interest in making programs and being creative in general. If they can see that they can actually make something really easy on the computer, then the technophobia will decrease more and more. Maybe we’ll get to see really interesting programs as a result of this (in about 15 – 20 years time?) It seems to have come on leaps and bounds since that green tortoise in Logo which I had on the old Acorn computers, ha!

Scratch Logo

I also like the new Marketplace feature on Facebook ( I almost typed Myspace, then!), which lets you sell your items or put up a request for items to your local network. This is a really good answer to somehow compete with eBay and is something isn’t on any other social networking site and if done right (and in larger cities than Pontardawe!) would be pretty cool. Once Facebook gets popular, hopefully it’ll just get better and not turn into MySpace. I’m also looking forward to how they’re going to implement the music feature…


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