Social Unification and Eurovision…


I came across Fidgt today, I must admit it is a new and fresh approach to Web 2.0 and continues the trend of not having it’s own independant profile but draws on your profiles from elsewhere…which might be good if they can pull it off. But I wouldn’t be able to tell you because their login page is either broken, or not compatible with Safari (which makes it broken in my book).

And Eurovision? Is it me or does Europe seem to get more eccentric each year? Whatevers brewing behind the scenes certainly seems to be manifesting itself more and more. I don’t even bother watching the acts anymore since they seem to have become a totally unrelated sideshow to the voting at the end. Eurovision is now moreorless a country representative naming their neighbours with some quirky entertainment from each of the countries before the show starts. Anyway it doesn’t bother me, but what the hey? It also seems to have a Web2.0 feel to it this year…


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