Blogging around

March 19, 2009

I think I’ve established that I can’t keep a full on blog so I’ve decided this…

I’m gonna blog little posts from my iPhone from wherever I am. This let’s me take pictures etc on the go so I don’t lose interest by the time I’m at the computer.

It’s gonna be good this one is.


The No-man’s land of the dock

March 19, 2009
The Dock

The Dock

Here’s a musing.

Anybody notice the no-man’s land area of the dock? There in the middle where there lies the icons of apps you don’t have open.

On the far left you have the essentials (if you go by the Apple default) like Finder, Safari, Mail, iChat and then on the far right you have your newly opened apps which don’t permanently live on the dock. This leaves an area of unused icons in the middle.

I have way too much time on my hand, I need a new job.

Name Game

January 12, 2009

Blogging in work, risky ūüėõ

1. YOUR SPY NAME (middle name and current street name):
Anthony Tynycae OR Anthony Housesinfield

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME (grandfather/mother on your dad’s side and your favourite candy):
Ronald Daim

3. YOUR RAP NAME (first initial of first name and first 3,4 or 5 letters of your last name):

4. YOUR GAMER TAG (a favourite colour, a favourite animal)
Green Sloth

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, and city you were born in)
Anthony Morriston

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (first three letters of your last name, last three letters of mother’s maiden name, first three letters of your pet’s name)

7. JEDI NAME (middle name spelled backwards, your mom’s maiden name spelled backwards):
Ynohtna Sdnalrow  

8. SUPERHERO NAME: (“The”, your favourite colour and the automobile your dad drives)
The Green Kangoo

9. YOUR ACTION HERO NAME (first name of the main character in the last film you watched, last food you ate)
Alex Hobnob

Wonka’s a Crook

December 24, 2008

Willy Wonka, honored worldwide as the King of Candy; ¬†Sovereign of sweet; the Prince of Praline; Forerunner in Fudge and Chief of all things Chocolate can be said, I’m afraid to be no more than a thief.

Maybe he’s not you’re everyday¬†cat-burglar, but let’s examine the evidence…


Wonka announces five tickets, golden, to be released to random locations in the world. The reward for finding one of the five is a one-day trip into his otherwise concealed factory. Clever marketing ploy some of you may agree. Mr Wonka certainly played that card well. But, the deceipt behind such marketing is treachorous.

Why, may you ask? Well, look closer. The first golden ticket is found by Augustus Gloop, who is approached not long after by a shady man who seems to bring with him a dark and evil leitmotif. Soon, the other tickets found, each lucky child all being approached by the same man, who we can only assume is evil thanks to the soundtrack.

We later find out that Wonka knows this man, he is infact an associate, and it was all a ploy to find out which child would genuinely be true to Wonka, to them he would hand the keys to his factory. Okay, nice game Wonka. But how did this man, Arthur Slugworth, know where to go to find all the tickets. 

My argument – Wonka marked up which batch had the golden tickets and sent them out one at a time, sending the subsequent ticket out once one had been found. Wonka tricked thousands of people into buying the chocolate, which was said to have a golden ticket inside. When the tickets were in Wonka’s sticky, caramel-coated hands all along. How else would they know where to send Slugworth to approach the winning child each time, so close to the finding of each ticket.

There ladies and gentlemen you have a case for one of the most diabolical and deceptive marketing in confectionary history. VERDICT Deception


Oh and happy Christmas to you.


December 11, 2008

What is there to do when you’re not well enough to get up and do your normal day-to-day things but not ill enough to sleep for hours on end, hallucinate and hold yourself from eating?

Between watching old nineties BBC comedy and listening to the song I put together over and over trying to pick out mistakes, is there anything sane to do?

Christmas isn’t far away. I wish I could blog better. Why have I ended each paragraph in this post with a question?

I’m whinging in the rain…

November 8, 2008

I went all the way down to the middle of Swansea this morning to help out a charity with procurement of new IT equipment, they wanted my advice and help in buying the stuff and then later setting it all up. 

But when I got there, nobody was in, so I waited… and waited… and waited, I went back to the car because I forgot my phone because I’ve lost it’s back in church somewhere and the battery keeps falling out but that’s another story; after going back to the car I decided I’d give it another chance and then it started belting down and I only had a hoodie on so I was forced to look like a chav in my attempts to cover my head and thought walking in the shade of the buildings would help except the water pouring off the roof killed that idea and my hair.

Oh well, typical eh?

I’ll take the cramped leg room for 6.45

August 6, 2008

Well I went to the Odeon to see The Dark Knight on Monday. I enjoyed the film but the seats in the Odeon are terrible!

We sat in the Premium seats because it was quite empty there, but Odeon have foolishly just screwed on a head rest to the Premium seats which supposedly upgrades your experience. But what is so idiotic here is that the Premium seats in front of you also have these new head rests so now what was a comfortable line of view over the seats to see the screen has been interrupted because of these out-of-place rests. They obviously just did it to get more money for the poor people paying more for these seats and they make your view obstructed. 

You get a better view from the normal seats.